Tips On Moving To And Settling Into Hong Kong


Moving homes to suit your job and family’s needs is not uncommon in many parts of the world. After all, it’s a growing world; it’s natural that we need to adapt and grow as well. But moving to a different town or part of your own country, and moving clear overseas is two completely different things. The challenges and the difficulties that you have to face before and after you arrive at your new home is completely different as well.

If you’re planning on moving to Hong Kong soon, and are looking for tips to make your moving a success, then look no further. Here’s what our experts have to say about it.

Settle your home ASAP

Apartment hunting takes a very long time in Hong Kong. If you’re moving to HK due to work, it’s possible that you’ve been given accommodation. Even so, even with that, it’s important that you search for apartments and have a few potential homes lined up before you get there. Trust us, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time if not. Take note that most land owners might demand rent in advance up to almost 3 month; this is not unusual. Either research the going HK rent rates or contact a professional to help you out.

There’s an advantage in sharing

If you’re moving to HK alone, then there are many advantages of sharing. Here, we mostly mean sharing an apartment or perfect living space. Property can be quite expensive, even for rent; so, splitting it can help you with it. This can also help you make the right friends faster, and help you make that “network” of people that is so highly needed in Hong Kong. It’s also a plus that they’ll show you around and be your guide until you settle in your new home.

Learn the language

This is important when moving to any country; but especially here. You might be working in an environment where people mostly speak English, but at home, you’ll have to deal largely in Cantonese. Everyone from the mailman to the gas store and the grocery store employees would speak to you in it; so, at the very least, study a few phrases to help you out in tough situations before you get there. It’s also a good idea to have a translating app downloaded into your phone, or have a friend who speaks English and Cantonese fluently in your speed dial.

Know what you’re getting into

Schools are definitely going to be hard to get into here; especially if your children have no knowledge on Cantonese. You need to be absolutely sure that you’re ok with it before you move to HK. Home schooling is definitely an option if you’re up to it. Apart from this, know that people in HK work harder than most people in the western world. You’ll have to prepare yourself to work a lot harder once you reach there. Don’t worry though, the harder you work, the harder you can play during the weekend!